Technical features

Technical innovations applied on Edea boots offer significant advantages: ultra-light (the lightest boots in the world), mouldable (heat allow them to adapt and customize their shape), thin sole (for excellent control and performances), waterproof sole (to keep feet dry and protect the screws) total ventilation for the wheels (to keep cool and dry feet and avoid allergies), anatomic structure (for a special comfort), strong hooks (to hold feet firm and safe), and short adaption period. Edea boots are Italian: very beautiful and incredibly comfortable.

Support service

Choose the right size and the right model. Know how to assemble the blade and the plate. Learn how to lace up correctly your skating boots and take care of them.
Following our suggestions you will appreciate all the features and enjoy the performances that Edea offer.

About us

Edea is a company established in 2000 and that debuted on 02.02.2002: two years of intense research that allowed Edea to bring new ideas and innovative projects in the skates production. Research, development and production are entirely based in Italy and focused only on figure-skating boots (both ice and rollers). The company was founded by Sabrina Merlo, the daughter of Antonio Merlo and Caterina Rizzo, and the niece of Armando Rizzo, who had founded Risport in 1972. In 1995 Risport was sold and it is still present in the market with its production. Currently, Mr. Merlo and Mr. Rizzo are considered the 'wisdom' of Edea and they are part of it as Supervisors. Challenges, changes and technical innovation in the skates field are considered at Edea a stimulus to lead the company to the Top.


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